• My 8 upper veneers turned out to be fantastic. It was a year-long process (30+ visits!) involving braces and two sets of temporaries. My regular dentist in another town just wanted to slap them on, but I never felt comfortable with his approach, so I went to Dr. Amlani for a second opinon. Dr Amlani walked me through the process that she felt was best and had the gum and ortho specialists look at me to get their approval. Needless to say, I will not return to my old dentist! -David C

  • I have always been terrified of dentists till I met Dr. Amlani. After my first visit, I knew I'd never be afraid of going to the dentist again. She explained all my options and told me exactly what to expect. I can honestly say that through the entire procedure, I felt no pain. If I had had Dr Amlani when I was a child, I would never have been afraid of dentists. Her gentle kindness reassured me that I could trust her. Thanks to her, I now have no fear of going to the dentist. My teeth look so good, I smile all the time!

  • Dr. Amlani is competent, personable, and on the "cutting edge" of her profession with knowledge of the latest technology. The two crowns that she worked on for me were done skillfully and without pain. Dr. Amlani explained the steps as she proceded with her work, which this patient found reassuring.

  • I have found Dr. Amlani to be the best dentist I have ever had. She is very patient and will listen to any concerns or questions you may have. As I had to have quite a bit of dental work done, I had numerous appointments, but each time they were both very caring and pain-free. The front office was very helpful with my insurance and helping me get a loan to pay for the rest of the work that wasn't covered by my insurance. I recommend her to all my friends and family.

  • Dr. Amlani is a very competent, knowledgeable and caring professional. Her pleasant, warm and kind-hearted demeanor makes her very easy to get along with. She is willing to discuss any dental questions or concerns a person has. I am happy with my dental treatments. I am very, very happy to have her as my dentist. The office is high-tech with computer-driven oral cameras which photograph your mouth. The crown is designed by the computer and then manufactured , on-the-spot, right in her office, while you wait! You leave with it!

  • Every single dental appointment at Boston North Dental Associates has been really great. The staff here is very friendly, courteous and professional. They really accommodate all your needs and provide amazing service. I've been going to Dr. Bhavisha who is very knowledgable and explains everything with patience and provides great insight into the treatment she is providing. Debbie, the dental hygienist is experienced and does an amazing job. I will definitely continue to go to Dr. Bhavisha and the team for all my future dental needs.

  • We are family! Dr. Goldman and his staff give you personalized care and the best service always! It''s a pleasure to visit ''The Dentist! - Kathleen Slowey, patient for 24 years

  • I enjoy going to Dr. Goldman''s office. Believe it or not I really relax. The staff is so friendly and care about me. All my children are patients of Dr. Goldman''s. P.S. Sometimes he tells a funny joke. - Richard Parella

  • Imagine looking forward to going to the dentist! I''m especially grateful that options are always clearly explained to me, so I can make informed decisions. Dana Mills

  • Today I had a crown done by Dr. Amlani. I must admit I was a little apprehensive having had Dr. Goldman for years. But....leave it to Dr, Goldman to choosing THE BEST to join his practice. Dr. Amlani was fantastic as was the dental assistant (sorry I can't remember her name). As always a great experience. Makes going to the dentist not a dreaded event. Keep up the great work! - Jane B.

  • Dr. Patel was great. Procedure was long but she was very attentive and explained everything. Dental assistant was also very nice.

  • AWESOME!!! I love Dr. Patel already. Very thorough and friendly. Lots of new important info too. I like her knowledge of progressive dentistry and her gentle way of introducing it to me.

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