Smile Form

Perfect Smile!

Are you a candidate for a more perfect smile? 

Take a moment to answer a couple of questions and see if a smile upgrade might be in your future!

Do you love your smile?
Do you ever catch yourself holding a smile back in photos?
Does your smile match your overall self-image?
What do you notice first about your smile when you look in the mirror?

Check out simple Smile Evaluation form. If you checked several of these items then you are probably a candidate for some type of aesthetic dentistry.

Sometimes a Cleaning and a Zoom Whitening Treatment will change the presentation of your smile and your overall appearance.

Sometimes simply reshaping a couple of front teeth can make a world of difference.

When you come into the office let us know that you would like to have a conversation about your smile.

If you would like us to contact you about your smile please submit the Smile Evaluation Form!

Smile Evaluation Form

Smile not bright enough
A crooked front tooth
Many crooked front teeth
Noticeable spaces
Missing teeth in your smile line
Discolored old fillings
Worn or flat front teeth
Jagged lower front teeth
Black fillings that show when you talk
Front teeth are different in color
Gums puffy or too red
Gums too high or too low
Teeth color that you do not like
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